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New 3 Years Indian Army of Tour Of Duty 2020

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New 3 Years Indian Army Of Tour Of Duty 2020

To Details Of “Tour of Duty” Scheme :

                                             The Indian Army has planned to take civilians on a three-year “Tour of Duty” (ToD) or short service” on a trial basis to serve as officers and in other ranks initially for a limited number of vacancies which will be expanded later.


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Tour of Duty Scheme of Indian Army 2020 (भारतीय सेना TOD 2020) :

  1. Indian Army is thinking to induct youngsters for three-year “Tour of Duty (ToD) tenure as both officers and jawans.
  2. The ToD scheme, in case approved, will initially be launched with around 100 vacancies for officers and 1,000 for jawans.
  3. As per Army, a ToD officer will earn Rs 80,000-90,000 per month. After ToD tenure, youngsters can find lucrative private and public sector jobs.
  4. The Army says it will restructure the cadre and help modernize the force.
  5. New 3 Years Indian Army of Tour Of Duty 2020



Advantages of ToD Scheme of Indian Army 2020 (भारतीय सेना की ToD योजना के लाभ 2020) :

  1. ToD is expected to result in a significant reduction in the expenditure on pay and pensions and free up funds for the Army’s modernization.
  2. The overall purpose of the ToD concept is ‘Internship/Temporary experience’.
  3. There will be no requirement of attractive severance packages, resettlement courses, professional encashment training leave, ex-servicemen status, ex-servicemen Contributory Health Scheme for ToD officers and other ranks.
  4. Analyzing the cost of training incurred on each personnel compared with the limited employment of the manpower for three years, the proposal calculates that it will indeed have a positive benefit.
  5. New 3 Years Indian Army of Tour Of Duty 2020

The cost factor Of ” Tour Of Duty” ( “टूर ऑफ़ ड्यूटी” का लागत कारक ) :

  1. The approximate cost incurred is nearly ₹5.12 crore and ₹6.83 crores for a Short Service Commission (SSC) officer if he or she is released from service after 10 and 14 years, respectively.
  2. The costs for those released after a three-year ToD is just ₹80-85 lakh.
  3. Similarly, estimates for a jawan with 17 years of service as compared to a ToD recruit with three years’ service shows that the prospective lifetime savings of just one jawan are ₹11.5 crores.
  4. Thus, savings for only 1,000 jawans could be ₹11,000 crores, which could be used for the much-needed modernization of the Army.

Other benefits Of tod 2020 :

  1. This scheme is for those who did not want a full career in the Army but still wanted to put on the uniform.
  2. Individuals who opted for ToD would get a much higher salary than their peers in the corporate sector.
  3. They would also have an edge after leaving the service and going to the corporate sector.
  4. The Army hoped that this would attract individuals from the best colleges, including the Indian Institutes of Technology.

The Tour of Duty proposal, which aims to scale back the burden of defence pensions and structure for the shortage of officers within the Army, is more in tune with the present Right-wing flavour of the state and carries political undertones. “Unemployment in our country may be a reality, however, there’s a resurgence of nationalism and patriotism,” reads the proposal.

It should be clear to the discerning reader that the Tour of Duty may be a poorly conceived scheme, which falls in need of both individual and organisational needs. Internal surveys of the soldiers over the years have indicated that patriotism isn’t the most motivation for joining it. A stable, well-paid job is. Since the Israel model of three-year military service may be a favourite of the proper wing, it’s pertinent to say that it’s conscripted mandatory service and not driven by patriotism intrinsically. To even consider neo-nationalism as a motivator is most dangerous. we’ll only find yourself creating potential political militias.


New 3 Years Indian Army of Tour Of Duty 2020

Permanent Commission (PC) Vs. Short Service Commission (SSC)

New 3 Years Indian Army of Tour Of Duty 2020

  1. SSC means an officer’s career will be of a limited period in the Indian Armed Forces whereas a PC means they shall continue to serve in the Indian Armed Forces, till they retire.
  2. The officers inducted through the SSC usually serve for a period of 14 years. At the end of 10 years, the officers have three options.
  3. A PC entitles an officer to serve in the Navy till he/she retires unlike SSC, which is currently for 10 years and can be extended by four more years, or a total of 14 years.
  4. They can either select for a PC or opt-out or have the option of a 4-years extension. They can resign at any time during this period of 4 years extension.

What Is Tour Of Duty In Indian Army?

How To Join Tour Of Duty?

What is the Tour of Duty?

                                Tour of Duty allows civilians of the country to join the Indian Army for three years and serve the country as an army soldier. The proposal is yet under process but it has certainly gained a lot of popularity. This could be a great opportunity for those who would like to experience the work of a soldier without actually pursuing it as a career.

                       As a civilian, there are multiple moments where one can feel the urge to something significant for the country. The Indian Army has therefore proposed an opportunity for all such aspirants who would like to serve in the Indian army. This opportunity comes in the form of ‘Tour of Duty’.

He leaked excerpts from an indoor study of the military advocating the concept of three-year Tour of Duty is yet one more reminder that the military hierarchy revels in using media to form politically loaded statements and as a sounding board for its ‘hunch and gut’ ideas, often in complete disregard of the repository of data available. Most of those ideas come to a nought after the detailed examination.


Also, the Tour of Duty should be for a minimum of 5 years to enable the individuals to earn gratuity as per government policy. It should be covered by the National Pension Scheme and 50 per cent intake should be supported this. The Narendra Modi government should make the scheme as attractive as its finances allow and thru preferential treatment altogether spheres of state activity post-retirement. The terms and conditions should be very clear and withstand judicial scrutiny. Here’s why it’s important.

Essentials of the leaked excerpts of Tour of Duty of Indian  Army :

The leaked four-page excerpt from the report is silent on the particular scheme but highlights the financial savings and other benefits likely to accrue. Further details of the report acknowledged to be at a “nascent stage” were willingly amplified by the Chief of Defence Staff (CDS), Chief of Army Staff (COAS) and Army’s spokesperson.

Basically, the proposed model of ‘Tour of Duty’ will induct officers and soldiers for a three-year tenure. The pay scale is going to be at par with the army with none pension or mandated “severance package”. However, battle casualties and disabled soldiers are going to be treated at par with regular soldiers.

The very nature of the scheme will make sure that a trained, disciplined, confident, diligent and committed workforce is out there for state jobs and to the company world. The leaked document hopes for it to happen but accepts that the Modi government might not make the three-year Tour of Duty a compulsory criterion for central/state government jobs. Salaries could also be tax-free, and a token retirement grant of Rs 5-6 lakh could also be given to officers and Rs 2-3 lakh to soldiers, with an advisory-for preferential consideration for jobs in academic institutions and public sector undertakings.

There is also a linked scheme — “inverse induction” — for officers/soldiers of Central Armed Police Forces (CAPFs), who are going to be inducted into the soldiers for a three-year Tour of Duty then return to the CAPF.

The main advantage of Tour of Duty is that the exponential reduction within the salary and pension bill once the scheme flies . The scheme also will improve the career prospect of normal soldiers and officers.

Past experience of Tour Of Duty 2020 :

 A soldier is that the most expensive element of the military budget. Governments generally provide the simplest for them, from the time of joining until their death. A soldier’s spouse continues to urge 50 per cent of their pension and other benefits.

Short service schemes, voluntary or mandated, are hip for hundreds of years . it’s the foremost cost-effective measure to scale back military budgets. At times, when there’s a shortage of individuals to hitch the force thanks to low population like in Israel or thanks to lack of volunteers during prolonged wars, governments resort to conscription — mandatory military service for a hard and fast tenure.

Indian soldiers have extensive experience of such schemes. In war 2, British Indian Army strength went up from 2 lakh to 25 lakh and was right down to 3.5 lakh by 1948. The terms and conditions were kept simple — to function long as needed by the govt . Most went home with a token gratuity liable after five years of service with no pension.

The Indian Army has proposed to permit common citizens to hitch its ranks as officers and soldiers for a three-year short service billed as ‘Tour of Duty’. New 3 Years Indian Army of Tour Of Duty 2020 

It believes that the proposal would be of immense financial benefit to the military thanks to reduction in pay and gratuity payouts. If the proposal is approved, it’ll be voluntary in nature and there’ll be no dilution within the selection criteria.

The proposal may be a shift from the concept of permanent service within the soldiers towards “internship” or temporary experience for 3 years. “This proposal taps into the sensation of the youth to experience military life for a short lived duration,” said the draft.

The draft said the defence budget has grown by 68 per cent within the past five years. While the salary outgo of the soldiers has grown by 75 per cent, pensions have grown by a whopping 146 per cent.

India’s defence pension budget is $16 billion, nearly double the entire defence spending of Pakistan, which is $10 billion,” the draft said.

“The cumulative cost of pre-commission training, pay/allowances, gratuity, severance package, leave encashment, and other costs is almost Rs 5.12 crore on a politician if he/she is released after 10 years, and Rs 6.83 crore if released after 14 years,” it said. (New 3 Years Indian Army of Tour Of Duty 2020).

A similar cost for those released after three years of Tour on Duty (ToD) would be around Rs 85 lakh.

The “game-changing” proposal is being examined by top commanders of the military. “If approved, initially 100 officers and 1,000 men are being considered for recruitment as a part of test-bedding of the project,” PTI quoted Army spokesperson Col Aman Anand as saying.

Sources said age and fitness level are going to be among the key criteria for recruitment for the ‘Tour of Duty (ToD) or ‘Three Years Short Service’ scheme. there’s a “resurgence of nationalism and patriotism” within the country and therefore the proposal attempts to tap the emotions of youth who don’t want to hitch the military as a profession but wish to experience the military life for a short-lived duration, a source said.

At present, the military recruits children under the Short Service Commission for an initial tenure of 10 years which is extendable up to 14 years.

According to the proposal, the people to be recruited under the ToD are going to be eligible to be deployed as combatants in key forward locations and there’ll be no restrictions in their roles.

An officer or soldier after completing one year of coaching and three years of ToD is probably going to display visible improvement in self-confidence, teamwork, responsibility, initiative, stress management, innovation and social skills, consistent with an officer quoted by PTI.

“Initial surveys tell us that each one corporate would favour a private who has been trained by the military and involves them at 26/27 years aged instead of as a raw college graduate at 22/23 years aged ,” he said. (New 3 Years Indian Army of Tour Of Duty 2020).

How to join ‘Tour of Duty’ Indian Army?

Visit Regularly Indian Army Site 

The proposal of Tour of Duty is an attempt made by the Indian Army to draw in the simplest talent that the country has towards the Indian soldiers. Tour of Duty is going to be launched with around 100 vacancies for officers and 1000 for jawans. This ‘course’ found out by the Indian Army will help with the development of self-confidence, teamwork, initiative, stress management, innovation and a way of responsibility. Army spokesman Colonel Aman Anand was quoted by a news source saying that the scheme is going to be launched with limited seats as an experiment. If it’s a successful venture, the number of vacancies are going to be increased.
Tour of Duty eligibility
There are not any updates as of the standards for being eligible to use for Tour of Duty. As per an education website, the official details will soon to be released by the military . there’s also no information about whether the applicants will need to appear for the Service Selection Board (SSB) interview or any written exam for an equivalent. there’s also no information on the road of Duty regulation i.e. what’s the minimum age to use for this vacancy. the utmost age to use for SSB however is 35 years aged. New 3 Years Indian Army of Tour Of Duty 2020 

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